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Nadia L. King interviews me, W.J. Kite

And check out author H.D. Coulter share her experiences about becoming a writer with dyslexia. Inspiring stuff.

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Author, screenwriter & finalist judge Mark Stay gives his writing tips

The Border Reivers were a lawless population of raiders, murderers and thieves. They flourished in the 16th century on the borders of England and Scotland, but were wanted by neither country. These were harsh times and they found their own ways to survive. But with loyalties, family and friendships they were just like you and I. Can you imagine? Find out more about these outlaws who lived in a place wilder than the Wild West. Learn their stories and tell them in the only way you can… your way.

J.M. Carr is the author of The Wonder Girls series. Get book one here for free! She also writes radio plays which have appeared on the BBC, including a Dr. Who Christmas Special. J.M. Carr writes middle grade and young adult fiction and has a flair for wonderful characters and adventure.

Take a look at the Hawick Reiver Festival online and the ‘Story Inspiration‘ page to ignite your mind.

Interview with first round judge, Mark Hood. Mark is the author of fantasy series prequel, Jacob’s War, and is soon to release a War of the Worlds sequel. Check out his website, his writing challenge blog or the BXP 200 word a day challenge.
Create and destroy worlds and heroes. Writing tips by first round judge, Mark Hood. Transcript here.
Interview with Nadia L. King–children’s author, award winner and Tim Winton Young Writer’s Award judge. We talk writing tips, fave books and voluntarily getting locked up for the night in jail. Read Nadia’s interview with young award winner, Karoline Magpily. Plus all the winners from the Tim Winton Award 2020.
Editing tips with Cristy Burne.

More author writing tips and interviews will gradually be released via the Writing Tournament YouTube Channel and lots more is coming…

Big tip from award-winning author Josh Langley.
Podcast of the Finalist Judges Bestseller Experiment
W.J. Kite Author, tournament organiser and round one judge.

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