Border Reivers

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A place for Border Reiver story ideas

Kinmont Willie Armstrong’s escape from Carlisle Castle

How did Nebless Clem Croser lose his nose, or Fingerless Will Nixon his fingers, or Jock Half-lugs Elliott his ears?

The origin of Reiver words & phrases “Blackmail”, “Caught red-handed”, “Bereaved” or “Hot-to-trot”

When Johnnie Armstrong of Gilnockie met with the King…

What were the women and children up to when the men were off raiding?

The life of a hobbler, a sturdy pony ridden by the Reivers over harsh terrain…

Be inspired by what they wore and their weapons

Or what if…

…you went to sleep in 2021 and woke up in Gilnockie Tower in the 16th Century?

…or you gained control of a new, custom-built Reiver Robot?

…you fell in love with a the young ancestor of a Reiver at your school, but they were time travellers from the borders?

…the Border Reivers had found a rocket ship and the ancient Armstrong Clan emigrated to the moon? Or the Elliots colonised Mars, or the Robsons’ travelled through a black hole?

…the DNA of famous Border Reivers brought them back to life in the 21st century?

…a descendant of Sherlock Holmes investigated a Reiver murder?

…the Reivers ruled the world?

I could go on. I just might.