Independent bookshops

Featured on the Hawick Reiver Festival 2021 Video:

Flutterby Bookshop

Damascus Drum

The Hive

WHAT IS THE HIVE? We’re connected to hundreds of independent bookshops across the UK. You can use our bookshop finder to search for shops near you and check their opening hours. You can choose which bookshop to collect your order from (or have it delivered at home)

We don’t want any more independent bookshops to close, that’s why we give them a cut from every single order on Hive. Whether you order books, films, music, games, or anything else, your chosen bookshop will receive commission. They will receive a minimum of 10% on the net value of all book orders, rising to 25% when you select store collection. We pay 8% on eBooks and 3% on entertainment products. Bookshops receive their commission monthly.