Longlist 2022

All stories below will be featured in this 2022 anthology. All profits from the anthology will go to the effective charity, ‘Founders Pledge (Climate Change Fund)’.

Ages 8-11

You are a Hero by Amelia Davis (Title changed for finals)

Neko by Dahlia Duigan

Kevin of the Carpark by Rachel Houston

The Thyclacine Tiger by Jaanavhi Saravanan

The Beach they Called Gallipoli by Arabella Hope

Wilson by Phoebe Blunt

New Beginnings by Elizabeth Eats

Unsung Heroes by Ayush Parmar

Visibly Invisible by Rebecca Li

Spirit Week by Josephine

Neon String by Vaidehi Sankar

My Christmas Lights by Bally Napthali

Hero in Disguise by Abigail Lee

The Power of Mama by Adrian Huang

My Teacher by Jordi Nguyen

The Power of Fungi by Yachen Huang

Worms: The Remarkable Regenerating and Reproducing by Quentin Lennox

The Great Escape by Katelyn Tse

The Loyal Companion by Vinudi Bogahapitiya

Who is this Unsung Hero? by Linyi Huang

Hugo by Nina Basu

The Hero in my Eyes by Faye Anagnostopoulou

My Mother by Liam Nouws

Circus Life by Kaan Cortuk

A Life for Another by Ruixi Xu

The Life of a Guinea Pig by Nova Macknik-Conde


Ages 12-16

Vedem; A Story of Perseverance by Zach King

The Wheelbarrow by Saadya Lebens

Equipping for a Brighter Future by Chloe Hyerin Suh

My Greatest Hero by Sanjana Kotamraju

Found Hope by Dhavina Priskila Tjahjadi

The Journals of Oliver Abdali by Alexander Vermiilion

A Chronicle of Transformation by Andrea Malpica-Alcala

Steel People by Maria

The Life of a Forgotten Ayah by Varshini

A Normandy Beach by Ellie Karlin

Forgotten Days by Regina Cordero 

The Sacrifice of Kuyili by Dharshwana Shree Muralidaran

People of Eve by Grace Howell

M & M’s by Natalie Gharibian

Young Heroes by Shoumik Manthana

The Evergreen Tree by Hannah Cho

Right to Love by Cas Cruz

Conflicted Hearts by Afina

Airdog Gunner by Charlotte Lee

Ile Ominara: Home of Freedom by Olunimi Sonowo

Child Soldiers in the Korean War by Sofia Forbes

The Lines of Skirts by Patricia Zhang

The Mountain by ZiXuan Wang

An Ode to the Vulture by Baker T. Beauregard

The Boy by Amy Grace

Your Foundation by Ryan Al-Turk

Broken Yet Whole by Anders Lee

Langadu by Divyam Dave