Shortlist 2022

All shortlisted stories went to our editor, Julian Barr, for editing notes. These notes were sent back to all authors, who had two weeks to make any changes and re-submit. The final stories were then sent to our finalist judges, Mark Stay and Mark Desvaux.

8-11 SHORT LIST (In no order)

You are a Hero by Amelia Davis (Title changed for finals)

The Loyal Companion by Vinudi Bogahapitiya

Hugo by Nina Basu

Wilson by Phoebe Blunt

Neon Strings by Vaidehi Sankar

12-16 SHORT LIST (In no order)

The Wheelbarrow by Saadya Lebens

A Normandy Beach by Ellie Karlin

An Ode to the Vulture by Baker T. Beauregard

Sacrifice of Kuyili by Dharshwana Muralidharan

Equipping for a Brighter Future by Chloe Hyerin Suh