W.J. Kite

The Bestseller Experiment Podcast talking about my upcoming book and the Writing Tournament

Interview by Nadia L. King

Read my award-winning short story, Robert the Bruce. It’s a man-and-his-dog story and has nothing to do with Robert the Bruce or my book, but was fun to write.


Thanks for joining me for Border Reiver inspired fiction and the Writing Tournament for young writers.

I was born and bred in Teesside, UK but now live far away with our dog, cat and Mrs. Kite. I’d love to hear what you think of my work, or the tournament. Feel free to say hello.

Scottish Warlock, the short story prequel to the Border Reiver inspired series, is out now. It’s free, so sign up and get your download. Warlock, Warlord (formerly titled Redcap & Reiver) is the first book in the series and is nearly finished. Victory is close!

There is a YouTube channel with author interviews, tournament readings and hints and tips.

All the best & take care.

Nos manere invicto,